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Bluetooth Real Time Asset Tracking

Real Time Asset Tracking for Supply Chains

Warehouse Real Time Asset Tracking

iTag with Bluetooth Low Energy Sensors + Battery


What Do They Look Like?

How are iTags Made?

They are Printed as a Label

iTag Eco-System

iHub - LTE Gateway

iBridge - Transmitter

iTag - NFC, RFID, Bluetooth

iTag - Introducing Intelligent Tags for IoT

Low-cost IoT Sensor iTags

The iTag Electronic Label is  Bluetooth in Protocol and our proprietary Product Portfolio

iHub is the Intelligent Hub or Gateway that provides the Data Flow of iTag information to the Cloud.

The following video displays another product called the iTag Beacon (Battery Enabled) with the iHubs connected to the AWS Cloud. 

It allows the location of Warehouse Employees throughout the Floor Plan to be located in Real Time along with the Pallets.

The iTag/iHub Warehouse Workflow

The iTag can be placed on the Pallet and sense motion

Artificial Intelligence Learning Models for the iTag Eco-System

Your Intelligent Things and Ecosystem for IoT