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1.  Firstly – contract to deliver Smart Cards to a network of 25 Hospitals
2.  WE have a simple Smart Card solution now that will suffice for my hospitals
3.  However, We need to investigate an unusual antenna design to use both the 13.4 MHz NFC and 2.4GHz Bluetooth Low Energy on the same MedCard
4.  There is a company here in China that has produced Bluetooth Low Energy Card + INfineon Chip
4.  WE Will release the New Card in 2022 
5.  Can we provide a larger BLE antenna on the Smart Card since we have much larger area and NOT interfere with the NFC Antenna
6.  I will get funding hopefully soon
7. We know that there will be interference with the two frequencies
Please feel free to call me on WhatsApp or 858-705-0576.  I also have a WeChat Account as well.